Flower Market

We want all of you to have a Secret Garden in your home or workspace so we are introducing a monthly subscription service.

Through this service you can offer a floral gift to yourself, as well as your loved ones, with a unique freshly picked surprise bouquet arriving on your doorstep each week.

Choose 4 of you favorite flowers, choose your favorite day and hour and we’ll surprise you with one of your choices each week of the month!

Monthly cost : 60 €

To place your order or for any other inquiries, please click .

chinese carnation

chinese carnation_hovered chinese carnation


hyacinth_hovered hyacinth


chamomile_hovered chamomile


lilium_hovered lilium


tulips_hovered tulips


roses_hovered roses

The Secret Garden Surprise

The Secret Garden Surprise_hovered The Secret Garden Surprise


sunflower_hovered sunflower